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Transport platform

CNC plate shearing machine platform

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  • Power type: Electric

    Applicable industry: advertising, solar, gasket, sealing ring

    Brand / model: /YC-125

    Model: YC-125

    Brand: Yuan Cheng

    Main motor power: 1.8 () () (kw)


    1, an operator can see 4~5 Taiwan shears platform. Thus saving the labor force.

    2, safety. The machine is equipped with a remote control system, which can achieve the staff from the machine operation, to ensure the safety of production.

    3, high efficiency. The machine efficiency can reach 120 times per minute.

    4, high precision. The feeding accuracy of this product is as high as 0.03mm.

    5, the equipment has high cost, high rate of return, is the majority of solar energy production enterprises to improve or expand the size of the preferred product.

    6, saving materials. The control panel is provided with a variety of patterns for users to choose, with high accuracy, thereby achieving the maximum realization of less waste, no waste production, and reducing the cost.



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